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How to become a seller


Looking to grow your business and increase sales? Creating an online store and selling products online is a great way to achieve this. With the ability to sell products online from home, businesses can reach a wider audience and provide customers with a successful online selling experience. By listing your products on an e-commerce platform, you can take advantage of the growing trend of online shopping and expand your business in a cost-effective way. Let's explore the steps to start selling and grow your business through online selling.

Here are a few ways firsthub can help you increase business growth:
 Connect with your Customers online by selling your products at firsthub
Connect with Customers:

firsthub enables you to create customer connections and foster relationships that can boost sales. Additionally, you can use the platform to promote your products and services, facilitating customer discovery and purchase.

Increase Visibility:

firsthub's powerful marketing tools help you increase visibility and reach more customers. Create and optimize your listing to appear in relevant searches for greater customer reach.

Increase your online visibility as a firsthub seller
Boost your profit online in India with firsthub
Boost Profitability:

firsthub helps you optimize pricing for maximum profits and track sales and performance data to identify the most profitable products/services and adjust the pricing accordingly.

Leverage Data:

firsthub's analytics and reporting tools enable you to gain valuable insights into your business performance, track sales trends and customer behavior, and identify areas for improvement and strategy development to maximize sales.

Get acqurate analytical data about sales and customer online with firsthub

firsthub can help grow your business, increase online sales, maximize profits, and reach more customers with the right strategies and tools.

How to find out if your business will be profitable or not?

Calculate costs to sell online, including shipping, packing, payment gateway, storage, and marketing. Analyze profitability.

So, to find out whether this works out or not it is essential to know to calculate with a simple formula that is,

Total profit = Selling price – (shipping + packing + transaction + making the product)


Welcome to firsthub, the online shopping hub based in South India!

At firsthub, we strive to make online product selling easier by offering delivery and open-box delivery at the doorstep.

Our delivery process offers key benefits to new and experienced sellers looking to grow their businesses.

Firsthub offers speedy delivery for online sellers in South India, ensuring products reach customers on time and in good condition.

 Your customers will get a fast delivery by selling your product at firsthub

Fast and Reliable Delivery

We offer fast and reliable door-to-door delivery, eliminating the worry of long waiting times or unreliability.

Open box delivery option provided by firsthub will increase your customer credibility

Open-Box Delivery

We offer customers open-box delivery at the doorstep for an innovative preview of their order before payment and to protect sellers' products from transit damage.

Firsthub provide low shipping cost for all the products

Low Shipping Costs

We offer competitive shipping costs to help keep your costs low while providing quality products.

Customers will get easy return and replacement with firsthub

Easy Returns

We offer easy returns to ensure customers have a positive experience when purchasing products from us. Firsthub can help businesses of all sizes grow.

At firsthub, we offer:
  • Comprehensive delivery process, including open box delivery at the doorstep, fast and reliable delivery, competitive shipping costs, and easy returns
  • Services to help you sell products online and grow your business, ensuring timely delivery to your customers
  • Fast and reliable product delivery through our best online-selling platform
  • Sign up today and start selling online with confidence!


Performance tracking is an important factor for every seller on an online shopping hub. It helps sellers to evaluate their performance and make improvements if necessary.

FirstHub, based in South India, uses advanced performance tracking techniques to monitor key metrics and optimize operations. Their targeted approach includes analyzing data on productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes.

Here are some steps for tracking performance as a seller on firsthub Online Shopping Hub:

Analyze Your Sales:

Analyzing your sales performance on firsthub and identifying trends can help you make informed decisions about which products and services to prioritize.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction:

Monitor customer feedback and ratings to ensure customer satisfaction and use this feedback to improve products and services for the best customer experience.

Monitor Your Inventory Levels:

Monitor inventory levels to maintain sufficient stock to meet customer demand; failure to do so may result in lost sales.

Analyze Your Costs:

Tracking your costs and analyzing them to determine if you are incurring unnecessary expenses will help you ensure that your business is making a profit and is financially healthy.

Track customer data:

Tracking customer data to gain insights into who is buying your products and why, such as age, gender, interests, and lifestyle, can help refine your marketing message and reach the right audience.

Following these steps will help you track your performance as a seller on firsthub Online Shopping Hub and make sure that your business is successful.